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Striving to be the Best Wedding Photographer in Orange County

Striving to be the Best Wedding Photographer in Orange County, Fullerton, Los Angeles, California, and worldwide

Welcome to my new website. It has been years since I updated my wordpress site with one that is responsive, easy, clean, and fast.  Hopefully I can succeed in putting in UX (user experience) design elements that will make it more intuitive and nice to navigate.  Please comment or email me any suggestions that you may have.

This site is meant to chronicle my journey as a professional photographer. I’m always striving to be the best wedding photographer I can be. In order the become the best, I have dedicated myself to learn as much as I can as long as I can, so I am forever a photography student. The challenge though is to keep the energy and enthusiasm on the same level as when I was first learning how to take photographs. I am always scouring the internet for great pictures or anything photography related that I can pull inspiration from. I believe this is the key to improving my own photographer skills and knowledge. There will always be a photographer that’s better and doing something unique, and knowing this helps keep me hungry to strive for the best. I photograph all sorts of special events (besides wedding photography) in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Southern California. I’ve even done quite a few destination weddings in Mexico and Europe. But to keep myself looking only locally for creativity (such as Orange County wedding photography, or Los Angeles wedding photojournalism) is a huge mistake. The internet makes the world much smaller. I can see what the trends are across the oceans and easily find out what creative photographers are doing to push the artistry of taking pictures. With all that said, I will strive to be the best wedding photographer in Orange County. So as I show my latest photos, I’ll do my best to journal what I’m learning. Stay tuned!

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